• 4th Round of Exclusions for China Section 301 List 4A Products Granted

    May 12, 2020 – The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) granted a fourth round of exclusions from Section 301 additional duties for Chinese origin products found on List 4A.

    Three ten-digit Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) were excluded:

    • 3306.20.0000
    • 6506.10.6030
    • 8512.10.4000

    Five product specific exclusions were granted:

    • 3924.10.4000 -Tumblers or disposable graduated liners for pitchers, of plastics, of a kind used in healthcare facilities
    • 3926.90.9990? -Disposable identification wristbands of plastics, designed to be worn by patients during medical procedures, each consisting of a plastics strip with an integrated window for inserting paper with relevant patient identification information, such bracelets measuring 0.95 cm or more but not more than 3.2 cm in width and having a secure closure
    • 8479.82.0080 -Manually operated pill or tablet crushers of plastics, presented with attachable pouches of plastics for capturing and storing the resulting powders
    • 8517.62.0090 -Tracking devices, each device measuring not more than 86 mm on a side (if rectangular) or 28 mm in diameter (if circular) and not more than 7.5 mm in thickness, not weighing more than 15 g, designed to be attached to another article and to establish a Bluetooth connection with another device for the purposes of providing relative location information
    • 8517.62.0090 -Wireless communication apparatus capable of receiving audio data to be distributed to wireless speakers

    These new exclusions represent 27 separate exclusion requests. ?They are effective September 1, 2019, through August 31, 2020, and will use HTS number 9903.88.47.

    This notice also modifies an exclusion description for ‘Face masks, single-use and particulate facepiece respirators, of textile fabrics’ (HTS 6307.90.9889), removing the words ‘single-use’.

    In addition, technical amendments were made to exclusions for China List 1 and List 2 products, including one correcting the HTS for Zener diodes from 8541.10.0080 to 8541.10.0050.

    Exclusions are available for any product that meets the description, regardless of whether the importer filed an exclusion request.

    Refunds for duties previously paid may be recovered if within time constraints.? A Post Summary Correction (PSC) is used for unliquidated entries, and a Protest is used for entries liquidated within the past 180 days.? Importers should contact their Livingston Service representative to request any applicable PSCs or Protests be filed.

    If you have any questions regarding Section 301 Exclusions for Chinese origin products, Livingston can help!? Please contact either your Livingston account manager or our regulatory affairs group at usregaffairs@livingstonintl.com